Revealed! The Top Makeup Hashtags & Trends From Instagram 2019

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Are you an aspiring beauty blogger? Or, do you just love makeup and finding the latest inspirations from across the internet? Us too!

There are so many makeup trends out there at the moment to be inspired by, from the totally out-there to instant classics. BUT, you might be wondering which ones are the most popular? Which ones will stand the test of time and which are a fleeting fad?

In other words, what exactly are the best Instagram makeup hashtags to use and explore?

Here at Miss G, we’ve found the answer. We took to the ‘gram to find out which makeup trends are most popular by checking up on which has the most hashtags – take a look at our infographic below to see!

Top Beauty & Makeup Hashtags for Instagram 2019

Most hashtagged instagramable makeup trends 2019

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Why are these Instagram makeup looks so popular?

From our research, one thing is clear – Instagram makeup looks and trends are forever going in and out of fashion!

One day one look is all over our feeds – the next day, it’s gone!

Here, we take a closer look at some of the stand-out trends to find out how they came into the limelight…

Instagram Eye Makeup Hashtags

We found out that the most popular hashtag for Instagram eye makeup is the #cutcrease.

According to Google searches, its popularity began to grow back in 2016, and tends to get more popular over the Christmas period – so, we think it must be a standard go-to for all our Xmas and NYE parties!

Cut crease eyeshadow Google search data 2015 - 2019

So, what about the second favourite Instagram eye makeup hashtag, #smokeyeyes?

While it has accumulated over 1 million hashtags, it looks like it is falling out of favour, with a slow decrease in searches in Google over the past 5 years. While Google searches for the trend peaked at 247,860 in 2016, it has dropped down to just 81,110 in August 2019.

Google search trend data for smokey eye shadow 2015 - 2019

On the contrary, our love for lashes has been growing at a super-speedy rate – just take a look at how Google searches for lash extensions has rocketed in the past 5 years. That’s from 2,900 searches in September 2015 to 22,200 in September 2019!

Google eyelash extensions search data 2015 -2019

It’s safe to say Instagram is OBSESSED with eyelashes, with the general lash hashtag, #lashes, being used a staggering 28,689,400 times!

Other popular lash hashtags were #lashextensions, #volumelashes, #minklashes and #russianvolume.

There are also some newcomers who have made a name for themselves as Instagram hashtags. #pinkeyeshadow may be new to our feeds, but it has already proved its potential for becoming one of the most popular makeup hashtags.

Celebrities have been going crazy for coloured eyeshadow – though Kylie and Kendall Jenner rocking neon tones probably helped it on its way to popularity.

Lip Makeup Instagram Hashtags

There is one standout winner in our most popular makeup hashtags for lips – #redlips! It is actually the biggest Instagram makeup hashtag we found!

This classic look isn’t going anywhere – however, the power of #nudelip, #mattelips and #glossylips is all growing fast, too.

One Instagram makeup hashtag for lips that really stands out is #lipart. This one really shows off the creativity of Instagram’s makeup artists – one quick browse through the hashtag shows some stunning looks that take real skill.

Instagram Beauty Makeup Hashtags

Those familiar with makeup on Instagram will not be surprised that #contouring blew away other trends!

However, a quick look at Google’s search trends shows that we have been falling out of love with overly sculpted makeup looks since 2016:

Contouring Google search data 2015 - 2019

Instead, which you can see from the runner-up hashtag trends, more natural looks are making a comeback. Healthy glows, dewy looking skin and even a dust of glitter are all on their way up.

While the biggest beauty hashtag still seems to be contouring, #glowingskin seems to be catching up – maybe this will be the reigning beauty hashtag of 2020?

What do you think of Instagram’s makeup hashtags? Have we missed any out that you think are the next big thing? Let us know in the comments!

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We used hashtag finder tools, and to research the top performing makeup trends.

Data was collected from Instagram on 28.08.19 and may change over time.

Search trend data reference was pulled from Google Trends and Google Keyword planner.

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The Most Instagrammable Makeup Trends

When you’re snapping those selfies, do you ever wonder which makeup trends are most Insta-worthy? Take a look at the most hashtagged makeup trends to find exactly which ones are takin’ over the ‘gram RN….

#Lashes – 28,689,400
#LashExtensions – 8,962,950
#MinkLashes – 5,551,014
#LashesOnFleek – 3,031,366
#RussianVolume – 1,629,843

#Lipstick – 28,598,565
#RedLips – 15,327,893
#NudeLip – 656,596
#LipArt – 474,347
#MatteLips – 414,728
#GlossyLips – 304,780

#InstaMakeup – 18,457,500
#Contouring – 7,451,266
#GlowingSkin – 3,430,147
#GlitterMakeup – 1,106,028
#Strobing – 396,474
#DewyMakeup – 159,816

#CutCrease – 2,855,532
#SmokyEyes – 1,031,119
#EyelinerOnPoint – 382,008
#PinkEyeShadow – 244,226
#GreenEyeShadow – 167,638


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